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30ml Small White Fresh Breath Spray Bottle


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Fresh Breath Spray Bottle.The bottle's compact size and easy-to-use spray mechanism make it convenient for on-the-go use. Whether it's for personal use or for retail distribution, the PET Plastic Spray Bottle provides a practical and hygienic packaging solution for fresh breath sprays.
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Product Description

30ml Small White Fresh Breath Spray Bottle


30ml Fresh Breath Spray Bottle

30ml Fresh Breath Spray Bottle.


*Note: There will be a small error in manual measurement, specific to the physical shall prevail.

White Fresh Breath Spray Bottle

Product Advantage:

With a convenient spray nozzle, this bottle provides a controlled and even distribution of your alcohol sprays, ensuring optimal coverage and effectiveness. The nozzle can be easily adjusted to suit your specific spraying requirements, making it versatile for various applications.

 Fresh Breath Spray Bottle

White Fresh Breath Spray Bottle.

Company Information

       Guangzhou Jiuxuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic packaging manufacturer. The PET Plastic Spray Bottle can be used for packaging fresh breath sprays.The bottle's PET plastic material ensures the product's integrity and prevents leakage, while its durability makes it suitable for everyday use.工厂1

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