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30g Small Volume Amber PETG Plastic Cream Bottle


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Our professional-grade 47mm plastic wide-mouth packaging bottles and PETG plastic containers are made accurately and of high quality, and are usually used for packaging beauty care products, cosmetics and skin care products.
We emphasize the importance of unparalleled quality, use good materials, and make wise arrangements by using the exclusive demand creation method. The design and manufacture of the packaging container meet the packaging requirements of cream, ointment and mask powder, ensuring ideal protection and accommodation.
Experience the perfect combination of practicality and touch with our 47mm plastic wide-mouth packaging bottle. Believe in our ability, superb skills and standards to ensure the best preservation and gorgeous appearance of your products.
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We have a good after-sales service system to ensure that customers' after-sales problems are solved in the first time. Make your choice more secure.
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